Tech savvy people use MOVRR to notify their suppliers of address changes

Eliminate all paper-work hassle, stress & anxiety of move admin, by using MOVRR to do it swiftly & making sure everyone is informed, not forgetting someone!

Who are we?

MOVRR is owned & operated by Digital Vertex Limited – a formally incorporated and listed company in England and Wales (12681472)


*Registered with the UK ICO, the UK's official data protection authority, under ZA937885

One click to instantly access to all the important actions

Your main screen to instantly access all service providers & track progress of notifications. The number on the tracker button will let you know how many items you have a pending action on

Do you care about these matters of serious implication?

Identity Fraud
Identity Fraud

Fraud being commited in your name!

Credit Scores
Credit Scores

Late/missed payments affecting your credit scores

Contract Violations
Contract Violations

Void car/bike/home insurance due to incorrect address

Fines & Penalties
Fines & Penalties

DVLA fines due to incorrect info on your log book or driving licence

What difference does MOVRR make?

Other services

All your service providers available in one place to notify at a time that is convenient to you. Our service is available all day, every day, all hours. Smarter way to notify your service providers of your address change

Go to each service provider's website individually & deal with annoying chatbots - in the end still just submit an online form or be re-directed to call centres - wasting time waiting in queues


Sign-up and select your service providers to notify and click Send. As simple as that to reduce effort from hours stretching over weeks & months down to minutes

Locating contacts for each of your service provider and contacting them individually can take hours of effort and run over weeks and months to complete the process


Peace of mind by promptly notifying your suppliers to update your contact address, avoiding letters being sent to old address - avoiding problems such as void insurance and late bills payments affecting your credit score

Delay of weeks and possibly months resulting in letters being sent to old address, increasing risk of identify fraud, contract violations for car, bike or home insurance leading to invalid insurance cover


By promptly updating your address with suppliers you can help avoid multiple copies of letters being sent out and thus reduce paper use & energy in relation to production of such documents. This contributes to UN's SDG #12 (responsible consumption & production)

Inefficient supplier processes cause delays in updating your address & lead letters being sent multiple times to establish contact with you. This leads to increased use of paper & energy to produce additional copies of letters resulting in extra consumption of resources

We've got all your key service providers

In total, we've got over 2000 service providers integrated, covering the whole of the UK. More being added constantly to keep enhancing the service for your convenience.
MOVRR is first-of-its-kind app in the UK!
21st century solution, to an over-looked problem faced by millions moving properties every year, is now here. Download the app and start using it now - it's FREE!

Communication Service Providers

Broadband, mobile & landline

Entertainment Service Providers

TV licence & other subscriptions

Government Services

Councils & electoral register

Health Service Providers

GPs & health insurance

Utilities Service Providers

Water, gas & electricity

Groceries & Takeaway Food Suppliers

Groceries & takeaways

Financial Services


Insurance Service Providers

Car & bike insurance

DVLA Services

Licence & log book


What can MOVRR do for me?

MOVRR will reduce your move related admin efforts from hours to minutes. Get more done in less time with MOVRR! With MOVRR there is no need to write emails, post letters out or waste time waiting in call centre queues. Do it all securely from MOVRR at any time, any day and from any place.

Is my information safe with MOVRR?

Yes, we follow all relevant regulations and recognised security practices to protect your information. We continue to monitor developments to ensure your information remains protected.

What happens to my information once I’ve completed my move?

Your personal information is processed in accordance with our terms and conditions. We will not keep your personal information any longer than needed to service your requests.

How can I get support if I run into any problems with the app?

Drop us a note via the feedback option in the app or email us at customer-relations[@] and we’d be happy to help.